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Warranty and Repair


If any Wattie Ink gear fails due to a manufacturing or material defect, Wattie Ink will repair or replace the gear for the original owner, up to one year from the purchase date. The Wattie Ink Warranty and Repair Service does not include:

  • Product failures resulting from normal wear and tear
  • Material piling due to contact with a rough surface, saddle bag, or race belt
  • Improper care 
  • The natural breakdown of colors and materials over time
  • Skin chafing
  • Accidents or crashing

This includes damage from saddles with embroidery, saddlebag and glove velcro, jersey zippers wearing on shorts, over stuffing pockets, etc. Skin chafing is not due to a defect. If you are prone to chafing, we suggest using BodyGlide or a similar product to protect your skin while riding or working out.

To Initiate a Repair Request


Please reach out to our Customer Service help desk at with the following information included in your email.

  1. Original order number.
  2. Description of damage and how it occurred.
  3. Pictures of the affected areas.

Items sent back for repair are done so at the expense of the customer. Wattie Ink will provide return shipping.

We request that gear returned for repair or replacement be washed, cleaned and completely dry. Wattie Ink will not handle any garments that do not meet these requirements. Damp or wet items will be discarded due to health concerns for our team.

Wattie Ink will repair or replace gear at our own discretion. Some types of wear and damages will exceed our ability to repair. Please be aware that Wattie Ink will make every effort to repair items back to their original condition but there could be slight modifications in color match, material, and hardware used. Repairs are usually completed and returned within two weeks after receiving.




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