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Women's Super Kitty 5 Champion Tri Suit
Women's Super Kitty 5 Champion Tri Suit
Women's Super Kitty 5 Champion Tri Suit
Women's Super Kitty 5 Champion Tri Suit
Women's Super Kitty 5 Champion Tri Suit
Women's Super Kitty 5 Champion Tri Suit
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Women's Super Kitty 5 Champion Tri Suit

$ 450.00

Super Kitty 5 is finally here, but not for long. Pre-Order is available until Sunday, March 7th! Orders will ship late April.


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estimated ship date: late April

Women’s Champion 2.0 Tri Suit

Our all-purpose garment for multisport racing, choose the weapon of our professional athletes during your next assault on any distance. Crafted from Italian carbon mesh fabrics, the Women’s Champion 2.0 Tri Suit conducts heat away from your body, all while remaining sleek, aerodynamic, and friction-free. Think you can’t have comfort, speed, temperature regulation, storage, and style in one garment? We beg to differ. 

Designed for the Professional

Did we mention our pro athletes select the Champion 2.0 Tri Suit for their races? Why wouldn’t they, seeing they need the best in performance and comfort? We consult with our professionals during product development, a process that leaves you wearing the fastest, lightest, coolest speedsuit in the world. We’re especially proud of the “jersey zip” feature of the front, which facilitates ease of breathing during the swim and run, and makes “porta-detours” quick and hassle-free.

The Fastest Fabrics

We assemble the Champion 2.0 Tri Suit from three different Italian fabrics, choosing a carbon mesh fabric for heat regulation and breathability, another to accelerate the drying process, and a third for stretch, comfort, and aerodynamics. We make no compromises in selecting our raw materials, a decision that benefits you on race day.

Designed by Artists, Made by Hand

Our designers come from a diverse set of backgrounds, but they share the same vision: making you look like the coolest person for miles. Our iconic look got that way by defying the staid looks we saw around the triathlon and cycling world, and we continue to innovate each season. After our artists make the look, our seamsters and seamstresses build the garment by hand in our Vista, California factory, living our claim to Made in the USA.

Your Second Skin

The last time we updated the Champion 2.0 Tri Suit, we tested seventeen different prototypes on our path to production. Each iteration lives with a product tester for a week’s worth of use and abuse, during which the fit receives our primary focus. Live in this kit all day long and we bet you won’t even notice it—the highest compliment you can pay a performance garment.



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