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Women's Dharma Contender Base Layer - Signature
Women's Dharma Contender Base Layer - Signature
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Women's Dharma Contender Base Layer - Signature

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The stunning abstract designs of the Dharma collection were inspired by the beauty of Joshua Tree National Park. This dramatic and atmospheric collection offers a range of cycling and run apparel created to inspire wearers to sit and meditate…before leaping up to crush the next workout.

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Contender Base Layer

Another of our pros’ favorites, you’ll see the Contender Base Layer deployed across an array of conditions and application. Although it sings in its role of moving sweat away from your body and into your outer layers while on the bike, you’ll also reach for this top when you need a lightweight, cool, and edgy run top.

Designed for the Professional

On a warm day, you’ll find our pros rocking the Contender Base Layer as they run off the bike, usually coupled with our Contender 2.0 Tri Short. Stylish and cool, you’ll feel fly and fast and comfortable on all your runs, whether or not a bike ride preceded them.

The Fastest Fabrics

Crafted from our lightest mesh, the Contender Base Layer manages to keep you cool while providing the minimum amount of structure that any garment of this type should. It perfectly splits the difference between not enough and too much.

Designed by Artists, Made by Hand

Our designers come from a diverse set of backgrounds, but they share the same vision: making you look like the coolest person for miles. Our iconic look got that way by defying the staid looks we saw around the triathlon and cycling world, and we continue to innovate each season. After our artists make the look, our seamsters and seamstresses build the garment by hand in our Vista, California factory, living our claim to Made in the USA.

Your Second Skin

Actually fairly accurate in this context, the Contender Base Layer works the way your skin does, transferring moisture from your body to the air in as efficient a manner as possible.



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