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Men's TechnoPop Contender 2.0 Speedsuit - Maroon
Men's TechnoPop Contender 2.0 Speedsuit - Maroon
Men's TechnoPop Contender 2.0 Speedsuit - Maroon
Men's TechnoPop Contender 2.0 Speedsuit - Maroon
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Men's TechnoPop Contender 2.0 Speedsuit - Maroon

$ 300.00

TechnoPop is our creative team's mashup of a favorite pattern with a favorite color palette - bring this bold style to your next workout and get ready to rock!

Contender 2.0 Tri Suit

Top of the line construction derived directly from our Champion Tri Suit but snug enough to provide an aerodynamic advantage, we designed this new suit to allow movement and flexibility. Think you can’t have comfort, speed, temperature regulation, storage, and style at a reasonable price? Think again.

Designed for the Professional

Did we mention our pro athletes helped design the Contender 2.0 Tri Suit? Why wouldn’t they, seeing they need the best in performance and comfort? We consult with our professionals during product development, a process that leaves you wearing the fastest, lightest, coolest tri suit available. We’re especially proud of the “jersey zip” feature of the front, which facilitates ease of breathing during the swim and run, and makes “porta-detours” quick and hassle-free.

The Fastest Fabrics

We work from the Champion Tri Suit in crafting the Contender 2.0 Tri Suit, using carbon mesh fabrics for cooling, comfort, and aerodynamics. Different fabrics work together in different panels of the jersey to stretch here, protect you from the sun there, all while maintaining a fierce focus on getting you to the finish line as fast as possible.

Designed by Artists, Made by Hand

Our designers come from a diverse set of backgrounds, but they share the same vision: making you look like the coolest person for miles. Our iconic look got that way by defying the staid looks we saw around the triathlon and cycling world, and we continue to innovate each season. After our artists make the look, our seamsters and seamstresses build the garment by hand in our Vista, California factory, living our claim to Made in the USA.

Your Second Skin

The Contender 2.0 Tri Suit has to be even better than a second skin, so we spared no expense in building a garment that is fast, light, protective, and comfortable. Since “skin is slow” we make you faster simply by seeing you pull this suit on, and you’ll get all the additional benefits of comfort, style, and temperature regulation.



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