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Men's TechnoPop Contender Cycling Bib Short - Maroon
Men's TechnoPop Contender Cycling Bib Short - Maroon
Men's TechnoPop Contender Cycling Bib Short - Maroon
Men's TechnoPop Contender Cycling Bib Short - Maroon
Men's TechnoPop Contender Cycling Bib Short - Maroon
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Men's TechnoPop Contender Cycling Bib Short - Maroon

$ 200.00

TechnoPop is our creative team's mashup of a favorite pattern with a favorite color palette - bring this bold style to your next workout and get ready to rock!

Men’s Contender Bib Short

If designing the perfect jersey poses a challenge, then bib shorts are a moonshot. No other piece of apparel will determine your comfort the way a bib short does, and a comfortable cyclist is a powerful and fast cyclist. Our bib shorts consider comfort to be a holistic approach, with equal care placed on the straps of the short as is paid to the chamois. The result? A cycling bottom that moves with you and encourages movement, rather than one that restricts your performance.

Designed for the Professional

Built from the feedback of our professional athletes and age group teams, our bib shorts include everything those populations asked for, and nothing extraneous. The Contender Bib Short will make any ride comfortable, whether it’s your short commute or your twelve-hour gravel marathons.

The Fastest Fabrics

Featuring a rear mesh panel for cooling, a thorough Anatomic Cytech pad where it matters, and reliable leg grippers sewn into the inside hem, the different fabrics of the Contender Bib Short work together to make your ride stable, reliable, cool, fast, and chafe-free.

Designed by Artists, Made by Hand

Our designers come from a diverse set of backgrounds, but they share the same vision: making you look like the coolest person for miles. Our iconic look got that way by defying the staid looks we saw around the triathlon and cycling world, and we continue to innovate each season. After our artists make the look, our seamsters and seamstresses build the garment by hand in our Vista, California factory, living our claim to Made in the USA.

Your Second Skin

We really don’t want you to notice these bibs! A proper bib short encourages movement, the straps facilitating your position on the bike, not restricting it. With the leg grippers keeping everything in place, the last time you’ll think of these bibs is the moment you slip them on before your ride.



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