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Men's Dharma Double Threat Vest - Oasis
Men's Dharma Double Threat Vest - Oasis
Men's Dharma Double Threat Vest - Oasis
Men's Dharma Double Threat Vest - Oasis
Men's Dharma Double Threat Vest - Oasis
Men's Dharma Double Threat Vest - Oasis
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Men's Dharma Double Threat Vest - Oasis

$ 120.00 $ 150.00

The stunning abstract designs of the Dharma collection were inspired by the beauty of Joshua Tree National Park. This dramatic and atmospheric collection offers a range of cycling and run apparel created to inspire wearers to sit and meditate…before leaping up to crush the next workout.

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Double Threat Wind Vest

There comes a moment in any budding cyclist’s education in which he realizes a wind vest is the mark of any mature cyclist. Our vest is light, packable, windproof, versatile (toss it on for a cool, damp run, too), and will extend your ability to ride without shrugging on a bigger jacket.


Designed for the Professional

As with all our garments, seemingly endless research and development has gone into generating the perfect vest. The Double Threat includes a small drawstring to tighten the bottom gasket, to prevent the vest riding up, but it will also open from the bottom to facilitate greater ventilation while continuing to block the wind. A front pocket hides a few dollars and a debit card, freeing your jersey pockets to do what they’re supposed to do: hold food and arm warmers.

The Fastest Fabrics

Wind stop fabrics are tricky. How do you pull off wind insulation without turning the garment into the equivalent of a holiday sweater? We use Italian Windstop fabric to keep out the wind while still allowing you to pack the jacket into a small, packable bundle. Versatility shouldn’t come with encumbrance.

Designed by Artists, Made by Hand

Our designers come from a diverse set of backgrounds, but they share the same vision: making you look like the coolest person for miles. Our iconic look got that way by defying the staid looks we saw around the triathlon and cycling world, and we continue to innovate each season. After our artists make the look, our seamsters and seamstresses build the garment by hand in our Vista, California factory, living our claim to Made in the USA.

Your Second Skin

More like your third skin, now that we’re speaking outerwear, but as conditions cool, layering becomes more important to the cyclist. The Double Threat line moves with you on the bike or the run, not sagging or flapping anywhere, doing what it’s supposed to do: transport you in style and warmth from point A to point B.


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