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Care Instructions Dark

Care Instructions

Here are some quick tips to take care of your Wattie Ink. gear…

What you get from us is made of high-performance European fabrics, which should be cared for by following the instructions below to prolong the life and performance of your favorite W gear for years down the road.

  1. Go ahead and read the care label before washing – it won’t hurt. You could even learn something. Also, wash them before wearing.


  2. After making your statement for the day in your Wattie Ink. gear, if you can’t wash the goods right away,  hang them instead of throwing them in a pile. The longer they sit in dampness, the more likely they could grow malodourousness. AND, we know we don’t need to say this, but, never re-wear your gear without washing. EVER.


  3. Close all zippers and turn the garment inside out. AND, check to see if you left anything in the pockets.


  4. Hand or machine wash on regular cycle in cool or cold water. AND, don’t wash with any open velcro items, jeans, towels or bulky items that can compromise the special European fabrics.


  5. Do not use fabric softener. This will reduce the ability of the fabric to wick and perform for you.


  6. Hang dry or dry flat. Do not tumble dry with heat in the dryer.


  7. Now, go MAKE YOUR STATEMENT. Break some rules even, while you are at it. Just don’t treat your garments or others without love and care.


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