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The 5 most important things to consider when buying your next pair
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A good tri short should be the correct length, feel good, shed water easily, provide some padding, and stay out of the way when you run.

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You signed up for your first triathlon! That's rad. We're glad you've joined us on this island of misfit toys. Triathletes love challenge and overcoming adversity, and by considering a multisport event, you're the kind of person who likes to see what she can do. But what do you wear? Picking up a new sport is exciting but kind of intimidating, since it can seem as if there are so many things one can get wrong. We're here to help, and we're gonna start with the most important piece of apparel when participating in your first Tri: THE SHORT. Read on for some tips about what to look for (and what to avoid) in a pair.
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First of all—this is what you're going to wear for the whole race: during the swim under your wetsuit, on the bike, and all the way through the run, so you need something that can do all those disciplines well. A good tri short should be the correct length, feel good, shed water easily, provide some padding, and stay out of the way when you run. That's a lot of things to do well, which is why you should consider a pair of dedicated tri shorts instead of those bike shorts that have been sitting in your bottom drawer for a few years. So let's talk about the difference between the two.

1. A tri short chamois is small. What's a chamois? It's that pad that sits under your, um, sensitive bits. Traditional bike shorts have a large pad that makes long rides comfortable, but in a triathlon you have to swim AND run in these things. A thick chamois turns into a soggy diaper after swimming, and no one likes a soggy diaper. Then, when you run, a big chamois turns into a horrible chafing pancake in your pants. Yikes. A good tri short features a small chamois that provides a little padding, but stays out of the way during running, which brings us to point number two...

2. No underwear! Yup, you understood correctly. In a triathlon, you go commando (note that, for the ladies, you WILL wear a sports bra in a triathlon, but that's another subject for another day). If you wear underwear, it tends to bunch and chafe between the short, chamois, and you, and that's just uncomfortable. Don't fret—a good tri-short provides plenty of coverage and modesty, which brings us to point number three...

3. A good tri short uses high quality fabric that doesn't become see-through after a few washes, and moves with you during training and racing. Wattie Ink. shorts utilize high-performance Italian fabrics that stretch in all directions, decreasing bunching, and we build in a "modesty panel" from waist to chamois that sits behind the outer fabric, leaving you more, um, confident. All of our tri shorts get a durable water repellant (DWR) treatment, which helps the shorts start dry and stay dry.

4. A good tri-short stays where you left it. We've all seen those post-race photos in which shorts roll up and bunch, creating the dreaded "sausage thigh." We deploy an effective leg gripper on the inside hem of the short, so you can focus on racing instead of keeping your pants in place.

5. A good tri-short provides storage without stress. Our hideaway pockets lie flat against the hip when empty, but expand to carry what you need, whether in a race or a training run. Gels, chews, car keys, some cash, or a card all slide easily into a pair of Wattie Ink. shorts, allowing you to focus on the task at hand: running.

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"When thinking about Wattie Ink. shorts, the best compliment I can give is that I don't think about it. They always perform exactly how I want. I can grab any pair of Wattie shorts and know that the fit, comfort, and function are going to be perfect."

- Andy Potts, 2004 Olympian, 28X Ironman 70.3Champion, 7X Ironman Champion.


The Technical Features That Set Us Appart
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Elastic triathlon chamois provides comfort without chafing or saturating.

Wide waist band is comfortable, supportive, and stays in place.

Hideaway pockets hold fuel on a race, or keys/card/cash while training.

Premium Italian fabric with durable water repellent (DWR) treatment sheds water and dries quickly.

Wide leg gripper keeps shorts in place.

Running off of your trainer? There's a reason why our tri-shorts do all sports well.

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