Ed. Note—and just like that, Kona 2019 is a wrap. On Sunday, the day after the race, spectators and pundits alike shake their heads and say "Why didn't I see that coming?" 2019 was a special race, with some athletes making us wonder why we ever doubted them (Frodeno, Haug), while other champions had unforeseen difficulties (Ryf, Lange). We won't go through the particulars of the race—you already read those on Slowtwitch—but here's a collection of images from race day and the week leading into the biggest event of the year.


Race day getting its usual early start

Our co-founders saying goodbye at the start line

Heather Jackson returned to the top five with a 3rd best 4:46:46 bike and 3:04:17 run, surviving a late charge by Kaisa Sali of Finland, to finish 5th

Josh Amberger led the men's field out of the water, separating the pack and then riding with the leaders until Hawi

Jen Annett was hit by a media motorbike in the early goings on the bike, but soldiered on through most of the event—we wish her a speedy recovery from her injuries, and know she'll be back to the Island

Andy Potts was as consistent as ever, turning in an 8:19:30 finish

Spectating, in some cases, can be as excruciating as racing—our founder Sean Watkins waits for HJ to return from The Energy Lab


Cody Beals sat down with Bob Babbit the day before the race

Heather Jackson turning her bike in during bike check-in

Our teams, the Wattie Ink. Elite Team and Hit Squad, were well-represented in the race. The day before we gatehered for a shakeout run along Ali'i Drive


Andy Potts dropped by to pick up his kit and then took it out to the Queen K to show it off—image courtesy of AP Racing


Wahoo Fitness came by and held a panel with HJ, Sarah True, Tim Don, and Neal Henderson

Sarah Piampiano stopped by to pick up her own race kit


On Tuesday Argon 18 stopped by to unveil Heather Jackson's new E-118+ for this year's race, replete with some custom goodies to achieve an even faster position

You can see the custom wedges Argon 18 built for HJ underneath the armcups here

Tuesday was bike tech day, apparently—we see Cody Beals' bike here and his self-waxed chain and tubeless rear tire setup (along with a killer paint job on his Ventum)


WE'RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Jen Annett dropped by the booth to hang out and to do some shopping

Josh Amberger sat down with us to discuss the Ho'ala Training Swim, which takes place the Sunday before the Ironman World Championships