Ed. Note: we understand it's a confusing time for everybody, whether or not your business has been affected by the Coronavirus. Read below our founder Sean Watkins' response on the subject, and we truly appreciate your patience and continued business in this trying moment. 

It’s been an unsettling time this past month, as the Coronavirus epidemic spreads around the world. Governments, businesses, and individuals all have scrambled to adapt to the new realities of “Stay Home, Save Lives” and other initiatives aimed at keeping our population as safe and as healthy as possible.

One of those programs has acutely affected Wattie Ink., as California Governor Gavin Newsom established mandated safety precautions for non-essential businesses such as ours: we’ve been required by the state to put the employees who stitch your favorite gear on temporary furlough. Under those precautions, we cannot safely run our factory in Vista, California, where we’ve been handmaking apparel with the “Made in the USA” label for almost a decade. By complying with that order, we’ll be helping flatten the epidemic curve and keep more people healthy, both at home and abroad.

We are, however, very much still in business, still striving to provide you with the very best cycling, running, triathlon, and casual apparel in the world. That is our mission, and we will continue to execute it to the best of our ability, during this crisis and when the epidemic lifts. We are poised to resume production the moment we are able to, and we will have your gear in your hands as soon as possible. We have always been dedicated to quality, whether we are talking about clothing, your experiences, or the lives and safety of our customers and employees, and this moment is no different: despite any delay, we will begin fulfilling your orders as soon as we are allowed to resume sewing.

Our online store, too, remains open, and as long as we have stock in the warehouse the owners of the company will be fulfilling and shipping orders to you. We know that many of you have been forced indoors to train, and if you need some apparel to keep you motivated and comfortable, we’ve got you literally covered. We’re a crew of one or two right now, so there may be some slight delays, but we will make it happen, which brings us to our final point.

A primary focus of the Wattie Ink. way is our desire to generate community, and we are eternally grateful that you consistently choose us for your apparel needs. When you work with Wattie Ink., you get the best apparel, but also the pride of supporting a company that does things the right way, manufacturing here in the United States. You are part of a community that cares about the sport and about each other, and we will endeavor to maintain that community whatever the adversity facing us. Endurance sports are a long game, and that tenacity lives in our work and our product. We are here for you—today and in the future—and we cannot wait to pick up right where we left off.

With Gratitude,

Sean “Wattie” Watkins
Co-founder, Wattie Ink.