by Chris Bagg and Amy VanTassel

Ed. Note—we launch our Thermal Collection today, the culmination of several years' development at the Wattie Ink. factory in Vista, California. The weather has certainly turned up in Oregon, with both Bend and Portland seeing cooler than usual weather recently. We sent a batch of our Thermal gear up to Heather Jackson, who is starting her Ironman Arizona build following this year's 5th place at Kona a few weeks ago.

What does one wear, and when? More specifically, when the temperature has plummeted to 41 degrees and the forecast calls for light rain? Or if it is 50 and overcast and windy? Finally, we have you (literally) covered, with our Thermal Collection, which we launch today. We answer one of the pressing questions above by making the kit completely black, so it will match with everything (whew). Next, sartorial concerns allayed, we endeavor to answer "in which conditions should I put this on?" 

The short answer? Any time the weather is below 60 degrees, your editor has found, having put this gear through the wringer last spring at gravel events throughout the muddy and cool Pacific Northwest spring, but that's hardly any fun, right? See below for our comprehensive guide on what to wear and when (you're on your own with finding a matching handbag, though), compiled by Wattie Ink. pro Amy VanTassel.

35-45 degrees and dry, or 40-50 degrees and damp

Full-sleeve base layer
Cycling Jersey
Neck buff 
Full leg coverage (Thermal Collection full length bib shorts) 
Thick gloves 
Neoprene booties
Thermal Collection Jacket

45-55 degrees and dry or 50-60 degrees and damp

Ear band or light beanie 
Full-sleeve base layer
Cycling Jersey 
Full gloves (cover wrists) 
3/4 length leg coverage (Thermal Collection Knicker Bib)
Thick socks
Toe covers or light booties 
Thermal Collection Jacket

55-60 degrees and sunny, or 55-65 degrees and cloudy/damp

Light base layer
Cycling Jersey 
Arm warmers (if wearing vest—if wearing Thermal Jacket, omit) 
Knee coverage (either Thermal Knicker bibs or knee warmers)
Full- or half-finger gloves
Wind vest or Thermal Collection Jacket

60+ degrees and sunny, or 65+ degrees and cloudy/damp/raining

Light base layer
Cycling Jersey
Arm warmers
Wind vest
Knee warmers if damp
Half or full-finger gloves (your preference)

We hope that helps! So pick up some Thermal Collection gear, pull your bike off the trainer, and get out there! The fall is an amazing time to ride, so go out there and enjoy it in style and comfort.