Ed. Note: no, we're not trying to hit you up for donations, but we do want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped Rock the Mask, both for stopping the spread of the pandemic and for donating masks by way of your purchase. As a thank you, we put together this video courtesy of all the Wattie Ink. professional athletes, whether on-road or off. Enjoy it, and we hope this brings a smile to your face, wherever you are sheltering! Our founder, Sean Watkins, has this to say about its creation.

The world seems in limbo and everything we see everyday is about COVID, or how we are dealing with it. My idea for the above video was simple: make people laugh or feel good, make their day. Truthfully the idea for the video came from a few of the women on our Elite Team and HIT SQUAD. They made something similar, and I said to myself: that's right; that's the message. In terms of the process, it was pretty easy. I sent a detailed text out to all of our athletes with a test video that Heather, her sister, and I created and asked each of them to film themselves and text it back to me. Once I got all the video files, I selected the music and went to work on the edit. I laughed so hard as the edit came together, and it became clear as I laid in another clip and watched it back, as the storyline built, that this was going to hit my target of making people laugh and feel good. There's so much that's hard right now, but less than five minutes of work from a small group of athletes dispelled all that difficulty for me over the course of an afternoon. Wherever you are, I hope it does the same for you.

P.S. I need to say that we forgot to include Curtis Feltner, one of our athletes and a close from friend from Bend, Oregon. We have a video planned that will address this. Stay tuned, and keep rocking the W.