by Chris Bagg

Ed. Note—It's December 16th! Which means (for those of you less great at math) Christmas is a scant nine days away. More importantly, the last day to get deliveries mailed by Christmas is tomorrow. So for those of you who wait, the holiday is essentially tomorrow. Hannukah, even though it's a little later than usual, begins next Sunday. This all means it's time to get off the proverbial pot with your shopping, and we can help. Give the discerning triathlete or cyclist in your life something amazing, thanks to our 2019 Gift Guide, presented below.

BlackPod Travel Pack

Released at Kona 2019, with several personalized units going to our Kona-racing pros, the BlackPod does everything you want a compact travel piece to do. Too often, luggage presents as many problems as solutions, with backpacks being too big, too small, too saggy, too tight, or having too many pockets or not enough storage. Issues begone! The BlackPod provides at least this mobile athlete/editor everything he needs, with a capacious main compartment for workout clothes and food, and then side sleeves for water bottles and pens, a padded laptop sleeve (with an additional mesh curtain alongside—a thoughtful touch in case you're always traveling with a notepad), and top pouch for sunglasses or fragile electronics. This pack holds everything I need for a busy day training and creating content, and your favorite athlete will love it, since luggage is one of those things that no one wants to purchase for him or herself. This one is an easy call.

10th Anniversary Collection

When you're writing gift guides, there's a real pattern: go sensible with your first item, and then Best-Ever-Gift-Giver up next. If you really want to overjoy your favorite triathlete, then the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection will tick the box. 

Arriving in a bespoke Wattie Ink. box, including one of our 10th Anniversary limited edition truckers and one of only 100 signed image books, this gift hits that "over the top" slice of holiday gift-giving. We go with the look that's always been ours: clean, edgy, and confident. The kit utilizes the absolutely best Italian fabrics we can find that keep you warm, dry, comfortable, and (most importantly), looking killer.

Thermal Collection

OK, still looking to go big, but maybe not all the way big? Just yesterday your editor, searching in vain for his running shoes, realized he was going to have to change his plans and jump on the bike instead. The issues? He was sick of the trainer, but it was in the high thirties outside in gloomy Portland. With a full change of the Thermal G.O.A.T. Collection hanging in his closet (yeah, I hang my kits up—what's wrong with that?), I made the change and still got out the door in minutes, without having to worry about the temperature or precipitation. The knicker bibs or bib tights keep one warm while staying out of the way, and the jacket is an engineering marvel: warm, water resistant, but not too warm, even when getting after it. Got a sensible athlete on your hands who is always cold? Be the chief problem solving officer of your family and go with the Thermal Collection. Not sure what temperature requires what piece of apparel? We've got you covered, with our conditions guide, here.


Socks and Hats

One sensible, one big time, and one sensible-but-still-big-time gift out of the way, let's turn towards some of those items to fill out the gift list. We're in a golden age for cycling socks, but the Wattie Ink. line of hats speaks to our heritage and the abilities of our designers. Always on the leading edge of style for lids, we're really proud of our hats. Help your friends and family round out their look with socks and hats. Whether you're going with one of our Kona 2019 limited edition hats, our Hana collection socks, or one of our innovative-yet-retro five-panel caps, these accessories provide that final touch of a perfect look.

The Perfect Sports Bra 

We actually published a story on how hard it is to build the perfect sports bra, back in mid-summer, and we're super proud of the process that led us to what we think is an excellent collection of features on this hard-to-nail product. Not only hard to build, these are notoriously difficult to purchase for someone else. Rest assured that we've done the work, and this is an item sure to function properly and delight.

The Perfect Tight

You've got the perfect sports bra, so why not marry it to its matching tights and give a complete look? Your editor desperately awaits the release of men's tights, since running in Portland more or less requires at least three-quarter coverage in the winter months, but until then he'll simply continue to plug the excellent women's version. Tights that are as at home in a workout, at the gym, at the Yoga studio, or out on a relaxed weekend, we're immensely proud of the Wattie Ink. tights.

The Wattie Ink. Gift Card

I mean, you knew this was coming, right? Say you let Tuesday, December 17th pass you by? Even though we have excellent and prompt shipping, 12/17 is the final guaranteed day for shipments to arrive on time. No fear, because Wattie Bucks are here. Give the gift of choice and allow your giftee to make his or her own decision, in their own time.