by Becca Jackson

Ed. Note—we launch the Superfly line of products today, as the dog days of summer get rolling throughout North America. Seen above in the Genesis colorway with long sleeves, the SuperFly jersey takes our Contender to new heights.

The Superfly product line was created to address hotter training conditions. The name comes from lightweight boxing division but—just as with the fighters in that division—this jersey is tough and holds up in a fight despite its incredibly light weight and breathability. We published a story a few weeks ago featuring Susan Suarez, our Director of Technical Apparel and Pattern Design, in which she talked about the incredible technical fabrics Wattie Ink. deploys in its products: stretch fabrics, carbon fabrics, UV protected fabrics—all of them appear in our new Superfly jerseys.

The Superfly Jersey Short Sleeve provides maximal breathability, amazingly low weight, and protection from UV radiation (yeah, sunlight, which we athletes certainly see a lot of). The mesh front and side panels allow moisture to wick quickly away from your body, while the two-way stretch fabric along the back of the jersey is strong enough to hold full pockets on those big training days. The entire jersey, built out of light but protective thread, offers an unbelievable UPF of 50+. We laser cut the sleeves to eliminate stitching for comfort as well as weight reduction, and use cold black treatment to reflect light, keeping the athlete cooler. Worried about those pockets on such a light garment? We thought of that, too, adding reinforced pocket anchors to ensure durability. Underneath those pockets? Mesh for even more breathability and lighter weight. It's got our normal, reliable, Premium Full Zip YKK zipper with semi-locking pull for easy use and durability. Total weight savings? 90 grams vs. 140 grams for our traditional Contender Jersey. Yes, that is correct: we cut 1/3 of the weight from an already very light garment.

For The Contender Long Sleeve SPF we've taken our popular Contender jersey and have added a long sleeve with sun protection, so during those long training rides in the summer you don't have to worry about the negative consequences of too much sun exposure. All the benefits of the Superfly Short Sleeve, but with more protection. Think we're crazy for releasing a long sleeve jersey in mid-July? We can see that thought, but reserve judgment until you get one of these in your hands—we think it will become your go-to summertime top, providing what feels like an air conditioner for your body (an actual quote from one of our testers) with the relief of knowing you've made an investment in your future health.