Ed. Note—today we launch our Tights and Bra collection, gathering everything we've learned over the past few years in terms of graphic and technical design into apparel that will leave you feeling fast, comfortable, and badass. Speaking of fast and badass, we've asked Jen Annett to the blog to answer a few questions about her pre-race and daily habits, the answers to which you'll find below.

photo courtesy of Paul Higgins

Pre-race routine—do you have a set schedule you do every morning before a race?

I always wake up two to three hours before race start. I have everything laid out the night before with a reminder note to grab my bottles out of the fridge. After dressing and tattooing immediately after waking up, I head for a cup of coffee, and a breakfast of oatmeal, banana, and honey. I sip on a bottle of sports drink until race start.

Is there something you do in racing or training that you view as sacred but someone else might think of as strange? Would you mine sharing it with us?

I don’t know if I would consider this sacred—it's more like a superstition. I always use a brand new, never-been-worn pair of shoes on race day. I would NEVER recommend this, but it’s just something I have done since I ran a race best run (in new shoes) at Ironman Canada in 2015. 

Something you wish all age-group triathletes did or understood:

Have a plan and stick to it. Trust your coach. Don’t let other athletes mess you up or lead you astray. You have your own plan for a reason—follow it!

Piece of gear/purchase (other than big ticket items such as bikes/wheels) that you couldn’t live without—doesn’t have to be racing/training related:

Definitely not triathlon related, but I would have to say our travel trailer. We love camping as a family and try to get out as much as possible, usually doing a week-long trip at some point during the year. Having a house on wheels makes training while camping a lot easier and more realistic. On a training-and-racing related side, I would have to say my earphones. I LOVE music and love training with it. 

Book/movie/music you have recommended most to others and why:

I wish I could recommend any of these to others but I feel like I need the recommendations!

The most important thing you’ve changed in your approach to the sport in the last eighteen months:

I started adapting the Core Diet prior to Kona last year. It made a huge difference in quality of workouts, recovery and achieving race weight.

Photo courtesy of Paul Higgins