by Chris Bagg—above, Heather Jackson rocking the new Fury Collection

Ed. Note—the highly anticipated Fury collection launches today, after almost a year-and-a-half in development. We sat down with Wattie Ink. founder Sean "Wattie" Watkins (via videoconference, of course—very little sitting down together happening these days) to talk about the new collection and the inspiration behind it. Fury launches on the heels of our Streetwear collection, for which we had a similar conversation.

Sometimes it all comes together. On the other hand, sometimes products take their time coming to fruition. For Sean "Wattie" Watkins, that was certainly the case for our Fury Collection, which we present today. The Fury Collection, as far as Wattie Ink. launches go, is relatively modest: cycling-focused, and really only the essentials: jerseys (short sleeve and a summerweight, UV-protected long sleeve) and bibs. In terms of design, you have your choice of avatar on each jersey's back: a tiger for strength and courage, or a samurai for fierceness. Astute observers will recognize the tiger as one of Heather Jackson's signature tattoos, and for Wattie the jersey speaks to a long love of Bruce Lee films

So what took so long? "Well," Wattie said, "we started on it in February of 2019, but the designs never really meshed with what I was going for when I assembled this inspiration board. I was really into black and yellow together last year, and I've always loved camo prints. We'd done a few boxing homage pieces, with Joe Gambles' contender kit, and we wanted to allude to that world, too. But we didn't seem to get there right away, and didn't have time to make it perfect until this year. This spring, what with COVID-19, the designers and I had a chance to go back and forth until we had it just right."

Wattie's inspiration board for Fury

"We tried a lot of looks. One jersey had a long black stripe down the sleeve, sort of like the Bride's costume in Kill Bill, but it didn't look right...more like a yellow tuxedo pant than a cycling outfit. Out of those iterations, though, came a whole bunch of other Wattie Ink. designs you may already be familiar with, though. That's the glory of working remotely on design: the artists and I can get together, and then I disappear while they do their thing. If I hang out too close I find I micromanage them, and this way they can let their creativity happen.

"We aimed for something simple, but bold, that you could mix and match with a simple black short, or that you could couple with the yellow-and-black camo for a really assertive look. The tiger stands for strength and courage, and the samurai for fierceness. We wanted something that would make the athlete feel those qualities when he or she pulled on the kit, and that's one of the things I like about this design: it's simple and quiet, but the colors are confident. It's sort of the way we imagine racing and training—you don't need to talk a lot, but when you show up, you show up big."

You can find the new collection here. We know you'll like it.