Ed. Note—Holy crap! Valentine's Day is only NINE DAYS AWAY, everybody! That means you still have some time, but boy you should get on it, right? Well, no fear, because the Wattie Gift Guide is back, and we've got you covered.

The Parlor Collection

Your first (and best) bet is our new Parlor Collection. Inspired by old school tattoo prints, this one is near and dear to our Wattie Ink. hearts. Stay cool and classy in this classic design with a new-school twist. Designed by house stalwart Randy Adlawan, it's a kit sure to please.

Arm Coolers

Believe it or not, spring and summer are just around the corner, which means that the warm races aren't far off, either. Arm coolers have been proven to help drop your core temperature during hot races, which can very often be the difference between hitting your goal and not. Surprise your best friend with a piece of equipment they may not own but didn't know they need!

Base Layers

I don't know about you, but the most-used piece of gear in my drawer is my Wattie Ink. mesh base layer. It's perfect (obviously) under a kit, but many of our athletes use their base layers as run tops during warm weather. Is your giftee headed to a warm weather training camp? Surprise him or her with one of these, and give them the gift of comfort and cool all year long


You can never have enough socks, right? And if you're pressed for time, there's nothing better (and more instantly use-able) than a few pairs of sharp socks. Match them to your favorite kit, or follow the current trend and contrast them with whatever you've got on. Either way, socks are a simple way to delight any cyclist.

Women's Tights

You will be out of the doghouse for months if you pick up a set of tights for the woman in your life this Valentine's Day. Form fitting, perfect for a run, Yoga class, or dressed-down trip across town, our tights are the ultimate combination of form and function. Want to do even more? Pick up the matching run top and complete her collection for her.


This one is obvious, right? That's why we put it so far down here. Get the guy or girl (or yourself, dammit!) a suit that will help them actually look forward to going to the pool for once. Complete the look easily with one of our Wattie Ink. silicone swim caps, and you'll be well ahead of the suit season curve this year.

Tanks, Tees, and Casual

Sometimes it's nice to just ditch the technical wear and wear cotton, yeah? Rock our collection of tees and tanks, or pick up the above shirt to complete your Parlor Collection kit.