by Chris Bagg and Rach McBride

Ed. Note—Super Kitty Five is (almost) live! In one week you'll be able to get your hands on this year's iteration of one of our most popular kits, worn by "The Most Interesting Person in Triathlon," Rach McBride. We check in with the Canadian legend about the kit and what it means to them, and give you a sneak peak at the 2021 Super Kitty.

"Not only do I think the black/purple/yellow colour scheme just looks super rad, those are also the colours of the gender nonbinary flag,” says Rach McBride when we reach out to them about this year’s iteration of the popular Super Kitty collection. Each year Super Kitty launches to an adoring crowd, and it’s very often gone within a few days, becoming an instant collector’s item. 

“As I become more public about my own identity,” says Rach, “I wanted this year's kit to represent a special part of me: a part that has taken decades for me to fully understand and to have the courage to represent authentically. My nonbinary gender journey started when I was just a few years old, and recent years of self-reflection, along with the support of fans, sponsors, and family, have allowed me to find the language to describe how I really feel. It is really tough to challenge the binary in the world of sport, but I believe 2021 Super Kitty kit feels like an appropriate superhero suit for this year. I hope all my Super Kitties out there can don their kits and feel just a boost of confidence to be their most authentic selves, no matter how they identify.”

Rach's concept sketch of this year's Super Kitty

The Designer's POV

As always, we also checked in with Brittany Arcila, who has worked alongside Rach each season to bring Super Kitty into existence. “The challenge this year was how to incorporate the leopard/animal print with the color palette. We knew the base was going to be dark, either the black or the purple, with yellow and white as the accents. That made ensuring the visibility of the sponsor logos difficult. We played with the colors until we got it right, and then shifted to laying out the different elements. Animal print is never easy, but the payoff is worth it.”

That's all we can show you for now, but you'll be hearing more from us throughout the week as this collection nears launch. In the meantime, which of these iconic Super Kitties is your fave? Head on over to our Facebook page and let us know!

Super Kitty One—2017

Where it all began, the always punk Super Kitty One, image courtesy of Ken Anderson

Super Kitty Two—2018

Super Kitty Two, leaning in to the Purple Tiger identity, on course in South Africa

Super Kitty Three—2019

Rach turned to their German heritage for the themes of Super Kitty Three in 2019

Super Kitty Four—2020

In 2020, Super Kitty went bright and whimsical in a return to its roots

Super Kitty 2021

This year's iteration of the Super Kitty collection, featuring the colors of the gender non-binary flag