Ed. Note: Guess who's back? Back again? That's right, one of most popular kit launches for one of our most enduring and beloved athletes. Rach McBride's Super Kitty collection launches today, and we pause to celebrate it, look back at some earlier iterations, and touch base with the Canadian legend and the designer that made Rach's vision a reality.

"Every time I see someone wearing Super Kitty, whether at a race or just training, I feel like we're part of a superhero club," says Rach McBride, when I catch with them on the phone to talk about the design and launch of this year's iteration of the iconic Super Kitty Collection. Rach has been rocking the Super Kitty for four official seasons, but the impetus goes back further than that. The kit expresses McBride's philosophy around racing and training, so who can say when that really began?

"Super Kitty is about fierceness in racing and life, but also playfulness. I don't want us to lose sight of the fact that all of this is still fun, despite how hard it can be during competition. I think that's especially important as we're all trying to locate ways to be fierce without races on the calendar."

McBride, in one of the earlier iterations of Super Kitty

Throughout those four seasons of Super Kitty, McBride has partnered with Brittany Arcila, one of the longest-tenured designers at Wattie Ink., in bringing the kit to life. "Last year," Rach says, "I gave Brittany my ideas for the kit and I said 'Rainbow' and 'Tiger Print,' and that was all! She worked her magic to come up with the rest. We've changed out the colorways for this year's version, and one of my favorite things about Super Kitty 4 is that the blue color is actually called 'Dragon.' One thing I've learned in working with a designer is that the more specific my vision is, the less likely I'll be surprised in a good way. I've learned to remember that creativity is what they do, and if I just give Brittany some colors and ideas she'll come up with something I never could have, that I will love."

Arcila, when asked about working with McBride, suggested something similar. "Last season, the color spectrum in a polygon design with the animal print was one of the ideas Rachel sent over. From there I started creating concepts. Purple just seemed like the perfect color as a base, for obvious reasons, but also contrasted well against the rainbow print. The last elements were the leopard print to add even more color and to contrast with the tiger stripes. The idea was to create something fun and funky, but still highly visible when training/racing. For this year, since the previous kit was such a success, we thought it best to keep the layout and design elements but switch up the color. 'Blue, green, and yellow' was what Rachel came up with. The green really stood out to me for some reason, because it’s such a drastic color and don’t see too many ladies’ kits in a bright green palette. The blue used to replace the purple base is called 'Dragon,' and (let’s be honest), what isn’t badass about that?"

Both Arcila and McBride brought up (on their own) the Dragon color, suggesting that there's something to that shade that really speaks to them both, and that it's something likely to jump off the shelf at athletes. 

Designer and athlete, in the Wattie Ink. offices

Super Kitty 4, in its natural environment

McBride has always been one to buck trends, in triathlon or elsewhere, and her enthusiasm for their club of superheroes shows. The Super Kitty logo, with its one "X" eye and one heart eye, combines the fierceness and camaraderie that McB espouses, and lives in their training, racing, and everyday interactions. What else would you expect from a professional athlete who also plays the cello, can talk to you at a masters degree level about genetics, speaks fluent German, and has worked with kids about identity counseling? Super Kitty 4, as with all of our professional collections, expresses McBride's multiple perspectives. We sure hope you enjoy it.