by Andy Potts

Ed. Note—We launched the Andy Potts "Give Me Five" Collection last week, and today we check in with the American legend about what that idea means to him. You can only order the exclusive collection for the next seven days (the order window closes next Monday, September 16th, with orders shipping the week of October 14th).

My wife recently bought me a dish towel that reads “It doesn’t get any easier, you just get stronger.” I think a lot of athletes are under the impression that it might hurt a little less for those of us who call this whole triathlon thing a job and it really doesn’t. There are days, weeks, and even races where it just hurts to think about the work at hand, let alone execute it. It doesn’t mean we don’t do it, it just means you might have to fight and persevere a little more.

So, when Wattie Ink asked me to design a new kit for 2019, I looked inward for inspiration, and I looked at one of the constant themes for my training and racing, my little motto #GIVEMEFIVE.

Now, what does #GIVEMEFIVE really mean to me and to you?

  1. The ‘literal’ significance is pretty straightforward: If you ever see me in the finish chute, at a race or post race, I love High-Fives. Our sport is so inclusive and welcoming and I love to celebrate with every single person out there. So, next time you are out at a race or coming through the chute, put that hand out and give me five!
  2. The second meaning goes a little deeper. #Givemefive is what I tell myself when I just can’t get out the door to train. I make a deal with myself to just give myself five minutes. You all know that once you get five minutes, then you get ten and so on and so forth. In a race or in a hard training session, there are times when it really hurts or when you know that this next moment means the rest of the race. it is in those moments I will tell myself “C’mon Andy, give me five minutes of work, give me five more watts, give me five more seconds per mile, just give me five." It represents engaging and pressing through, it represents having and displaying grit. It is my way to get over the hump and push through. What does "Give me Five" mean to you?

So, to me, the newest AP Racing Wattie Ink #GIVEMEFIVE kit represents all of this: bright bold colors popping out of the kit just like your grit and determination will bust out of you every time you need to ‘GIVEMEFIVE.'

The next time you don’t want to train, or it is a part of the race that is critical to pushing through, hopefully you are wearing this kit. Either way, just #GIVEMEFIVE.

Push Your Potential,