by Chris Bagg and Brittany Arcila

Ed. Note—Last week we teased the new Pop Art collection, designed by long-time Wattie Ink. designer Brittany Arcila. Today we unveil the new kit, just in time for the summer temperatures to soar. We love this innovative, cheeky, fresh take, and we believe you will, too.

Can you tell me the story of how the Pop Art design came to you?

Essentially the idea was to create something that was fun and more artsy as I try and imagine a blank jersey like a canvas. First I thought about 60s fashion and how that could translate to one of our garments. Most are familiar with the artistic style of pop art from the late 50s-60s, without going into a history lesson of this entire movement, one of the inspirations used was taking unrelated materials/elements and combining them.

 How has it changed over the course of its development?

From the initial concept the design seemed to already be at a great starting point. Since this we knew this was going to be a late Spring/early Summer kit the palette had to be bright and playful. A few different palettes were made and decided to proceed with two different palettes that could be mix and matched together. I try to imagine the garments as a canvas and think about how the layout will effect another piece, without becoming too busy. So not only mocking up a jersey/bottom, but also any accessory, outerwear, etc. pieces as well, to get an overall feeling of the design.

Is there something you notice or feel when a design is ready? Does your work process change when you're getting close to being finished?

I started with a mood board, looking at different fashion images and abstract art pieces. Thought about fashion during the certain decades and the 60s seemed to be where my mind went to for more inspiration. But with that came with figuring out how that style would work with the Wattie brand and triathlete gear.
How is this design similar to your other work? How does it diverge from your other work?

Personally I love mixing different elements, and patterns together to make something new and different. The Prism Collection was one that mixed a kaleidoscope inspired pattern with polka dots and stripes. Super Kitty also had geomatic designs blended with animal print.

Who is an artist, designer, or illustrator that you are enjoying right now?

There’s so many! It’s hard to just pick one or even a few.  I’m constantly looking at other artists and designers and what makes them unique.
Pop Art is less representational and more abstract than some other designs you've done—was that intentional?

For this design, though the pop art movement was an influence I still wanted to make it a bit modern as well. Most of our collections can be placed with a specific theme, so having that abstract design was the main goal for this collection.
Is there anything about this particular design you'd like people to know?

Just that I had a lot of fun creating this collection as it is a something different. It’s been amazing working here at Wattie Ink. and I’m looking forward to the next collection!