Ed. Note—our "best of" series for 2019 continues, with posts about how to optimize your run or recover from the most damaging of triathlon's three disciplines. 

How to Pace the Ironman Run

Words by Tim Snow, QT2 Systems

Like an effective taper protocol, the Ironman marathon remains one of the greatest mysteries of our sport. Those who have it figured out make it look so easy, and we wonder how and why it is possible to run with such ease after a 112-mile ride. They are few and far between, but we see them at every race, running their way through fields of competitors who can only watch as they pass by. 

Bike splits get the press. Run splits define the race. At the Ironman series events held weekly, the world over, it is not uncommon to see a strong cyclist sneak away from the field, and hold on for the win. The fields in these races tend to be pretty thin, opening up the door for these uber cyclists to break away and not elicit an effective response. But the World Championship wreath has seldom been placed atop the head of an athlete that we wouldn’t easily identify as a strong runner. Sure, it has happened, but rarely...[read more]

How to Recover from a Running Injury

Of the three disciplines in triathlon, running is by far the most demanding on the body. The force of your body weight in addition to the dynamic movement can be stressful on your lower body. Because of this, runners are more prone to injury than cyclists and swimmers, who have little to no body weight impact. The best training programs should keep you from developing any kind of a running injury, but should one befall you, the following protocol will help you to maintain your fitness while you allow yourself some time to heal...[read more]

Linsey and Mike's Excellent Racecation

Lindsey Wolfe, who lives just outside of Boston, has been a top finisher in many local triathlons in her home state of Massachusetts as well as at Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant, Ironman Lake Placid, and Ironman 70.3 Lake Placid. The 34-year-old physical therapist had a few ideas on how she could design the perfect race-cation, ad put out the word to her Wattie Ink. teammates in the Pacific Northwest.

"Between supporting each other throughout the race season, following one another on social media and bonding at the Wattie Ink. training camp we’ve become really close and they truly feel like family," Wolfe says about her teammates who live on the opposite coast. "We were super lucky to be able to spend time with teammates who were local to the area of our races and not have to figure things out as a tourist.” [read more]