Ed. Note—Josh Amberger is always one of our favorite athletes to watch. The Australian professional triathlete never shies away from a competition, attacking the swim and bike with aplomb wherever he races (and he's raced all over). He loves heavy metal and coffee and leading the swim, and we talked with about two of those subjects at the Wattie Ink. Safe House over in Kona.

Josh discusses the Ho'ala Swim, the traditional week-before training swim on the Ironman World championships swim course

We couldn't just leave it there, though, right? Not only is Josh one of the best triathlon swimmers (and one of the best triathletes, period) in the world, he's also a darn interesting guy. He co-owns a coffee roastery, Skulduggery Coffee, back home in Australia, and he actually knows how to roast his own beans (that cup he's holding? Coffee he Hand roasted during the break between 70.3 World Championships and Kona). We share the same obsession, if not the craft, so we asked him about it.