Ian Boswell talks cargo bib shorts 

Heather Jackson describes her favorite bib shorts

Ed. Note: no, not THOSE cargo shorts. Those would be really hard to ride in (although storage would be amazing). We're talking today about our cargo BIB shorts, traditional cycling bibs that have been re-engineered for the long haul: epic gravel, huge road days, or normal rides where you may not have much access to stores and supplies.

New Pockets

We put FOUR new pockets in these bibs: one on the thigh of each leg (note Ian's comments in the video: "I thought they would be bulky, thought my legs would be heavy, but I never notice what I have in there. I've put in gloves, food, whatever") and two in the back panel of the bib itself. One of those back panels is a slim zippered pocket that will really keep cash and debit cards safe. The other back panel pocket is another slip in design.

Perfect Straps

It's so like us to get all excited about bib short straps, but these are amazing. Using the same material as our sports bra straps, these provide give in one direction but plenty of support. They lie flat against your body, and won't bunch or twist. There's no stitching in the straps, so no way to chafe.

Ride Sans Jersey

A few years ago, we'd have said "WTF?" But now, as technical tees proliferate, and the whole cycling scene ratchets their formality down a notch, the concept is catching on. What if you have a simple recovery spin, and just want a comfortable top over your bibs, carrying some cash for a stop at a friend's house? Ditch the jersey for the day and ride like the Education First guys did at Dirty Kanza in 2019.

Our Best Chamois

We're really proud of our chamois, making sure that we match the necessary support with the activity at hand, and these bibs are no different. We use a 6+ hour chamois that provides the ultimate in comfort, support, heat mitigation, and all-day comfort. Tackling DK200, BWR, Big Sugar, Rebecca's Private Idaho, SBT GRVL, or an epic ride of your own design? Like any amazing cycling short, these fit the ultimate description: you'll forget you're wearing them.

A Leg Gripper You Can Ignore

We hate it when our bibs move around, shift, roll up, or just generally misbehave. Our wide, soft, breathable, and secure leg grippers do what they say on the tin: grip your legs so your bibs stay in place, allowing you to focus on and enjoy your ride.