Ever wonder what it's like to train alongside Wattie Ink. Pro Heather Jackson? This group of talented athletes are spending the weekend in Tucson, AZ under the guidance of Chris Bagg and his coaching team. We've pulled back the curtain for a look inside Day 1 of the Train with Heather Jackson Dream Camp presented by Chris Bagg Coaching Group. 

See below for the Day 1 schedule at this one-in-a-lifetime camp on some of the most beautiful training grounds in the country. 

Dream Camp Day 1:

Breakfast - Picky Oats Performance Oatmeal

Swim Workout #1 - Threshold testing and video taping!

Lunch - Herbalife 24 recovery beverages and Tuna BLT’s

Bike #1 - Fun and moderate bike path group ride

Run #1 - Transition run off the bike

Dinner - The Athletes Table coconut curry and vegan chicken masala, beer brownies

Evening Presentation - Special guest appearance: Ben Hoffman!

We're just getting warmed up here in Tucson! Check back tomorrow for a look at Day 2.