by Heather Jackson, video by Eric Lagerstrom and Wattie

Ed. Note: it's an odd time in the world, and we're all doing what we can to get through this pandemic with our families and friends in one piece. To put a smile on your face here is a video that Wattie and Eric Lagerstrom put together a few weeks ago, when HJ, Wattie, Eric, and Paula Findlay headed south from Tucson to put some miles in on the gravel roads of Patagonia, AZ

When the coronavirus hit the U.S. around two weeks ago, now, cancelling all of the early season races and driving many of us into quarantine and self-isolation, our #QuaranTEAM decided to head off the grid for our safety and to help flatten the epidemic curve in Arizona. Wattie and I drove with our two great friends Eric Lagerstrom and Paula Findlay ninety minutes south of Tucson to a remote area in and around Patagonia, AZ. Eric and Paula have been our training family for the past two months, and wanted to share the endless dirt roads in Patagonia while trying to absorb and process everything that’s going on in the world. Eric and Wattie shot the following footage while we were down there, and Eric crafted the video, capturing the beauty of southern Arizona and our gratitude at being able to find some solace when the world is upside down. We’ve since returned to our home in Tucson, staying in except for grocery trips and socially-distanced workouts in sunlight and fresh air, and we hope that you are doing the same thing: staying healthy and grabbing the time you can to do the things that keep you happy. We are deeply grateful to live where we do, where we can get away to sun and open space, and we know that many others around the world can’t do the same. Wherever you are, we hope this video makes you smile, and inspires you for whatever you’ve got planned once the crisis is over.