Ed. Note—we've dug into our pros' listening habits several times over the years, asking them how they Mixtape, and Cody Beals has shared his Rise and Conquer playlists as he's put them together. Today he releases the third playlist in the series, and we share it with you. If you need some motivation to get off the couch, leave your cat and coffee behind, and go run, this playlist will do the trick.

I put together the Rise & Conquer playlists with race mornings in mind, but they've become my go-to for trainer rides as well. These playlists gradually build from a mellow wake-up to a hair-raising finale. They never fail to amp me up! The latest edition is heavy on electrofunk—one of my favorite genres over the years.

I couldn't survive as a pro triathlete without music. I'm probably guilty of putting more thought into my playlists than my training plan! All my trainer rides and treadmill runs are soundtracked, but I rarely listen to music for outdoor workouts. As motivating as music can be, it's also a crutch that we're not permitted on race day.

Before my triathlon days, I played keys in a ska-jazz sextet for a few years. These days, I get my musical kicks discovering new tracks and sharing them with others. It's one of my favorite ways to connect. Music is a language of its own with the power to break barriers and bridge differences.