Ed. Note—We sat down with Ironman Champion, Kona Rookie, and Wattie Ink. Professional Cody Beals during race week in Kona to talk about the race, but more to chat about things like music, the 1990s, and books he's loved. We followed up with him for his pre-race playlist (which he'd chopped down from a "5000 song monstrosity"), which we hand over to you today.

A few years ago, we ran a piece on what our pros listen to during training or before racing, which you can go back to and read here. But what about our new pros? Happily, we found a willing subject in Cody Beals, who sat down with us in Kona to talk about music, television, and what he's been reading, which is the video above. If you really want to hear him talk about triathlon, we've got that for you, too, here. But check out Cody's monster pre-race playlist below and on Spotify.