Ed. Note: On the heels (on the wheels?) of our announcement of Yuri Hauswald and the Gravel Collective Project comes our biggest news yet: World Tour rider Ian Boswell (a native of Bend, Oregon, a place very dear to our hearts) will Rock the W in 2020, wearing our gear at gravel events all over the country and the world. Read on to learn more about the Oregonian now living in Vermont, and if his story stirs you to join the GCP, applications remain open until January 26th.

"It was 24 degrees and spitting snow," Boswell says of his first ride in the Wattie Ink. G.O.A.T. Thermal Gear. "The G.O.A.T. Thermal Skull Cap as well as the  cycling cap with the little bill are awesome! Seriously, these are perfect for winter riding. Thin, yet warm, and the length of the bill is spot on. It’s small enough it doesn’t get in the way of your vision, yet long enough to provide a little extra protection against your forehead from the elements. The G.O.A.T. Wind Stop Shoe Covers were excellent, too—they fit really nicely over a pair of MTB shoes, which can sometimes be difficult.

"The one thing I noticed with the entire thermal line was how comfortable and flexible it is. I never felt like my movement was limited or restricted (which isn’t always the case with winter gear). It’s not easy to find that balance of protection and comfort and you nailed it! Living in Vermont, having kit that can perform in all kinds of weather is of paramount importance, and the Wattie Ink. thermal line is the best and most thoughtfully designed gear I have ridden to date."

We couldn't be more stoked to hear Ian's feedback on our equipment, and it's our privilege to outfit athletes like him.

Boswell is part of an ever-growing list of athletes forging a new frontier in gravel racing. Follow along in 2020 as we document this transition for Ian and explore why other athletes are all making the jump…read more here.

Intrigued? Feeling gravel curious? Head on over to our G.C.P. page and see if you may want to explore a new realm of cycling yourself in the Wattie Ink. family.