by Chris Bagg

Ed. Note—every year, as athletes, we look back on our training and decide what worked in what didn't in the previous year. It's no different here at the Wattie Ink. blog, and we'll dedicate this week and next to first looking back and then looking forward (we have something cool planned for next week...). Read on for our best triathlon training articles of 2020.

How to Raise Your FTP with Josh Amberger

No topic receives, perhaps, as much spilled ink as improving one's functional threshold power (FTP) on the bike. Josh Amberger has been destroying course records on the bike for years, and while races disappeared this year he got ready for some traditional time-trialing, placing in the top ten in the Queensland State Championships this past August (no mean feat, that—several professional cyclists rounded out the rest of the top cyclists). Josh gave us some thoughts about ways you can raise your own FTP, which you could adopt in the coming year.

Take it to the River! Pool Sets for the Open Water

Image courtesy of Tommy Zaferes and the Professional Triathletes Organization

We all took a hurry-up course in flexibility this year, as pools closed, then opened, then closed again. Many athletes found themselves doing open-water workouts as early as March, and then discovered that (as with many things in our sport), it's really not that bad to head out to the lakes and rivers more often. Jackie Miller, of QT2systems, took us through several traditional pool workouts that you can adapt to the open water.

Jen Annett's Home Strength Routine

Unsurprisingly, several of today's posts revolve how our community dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic and kept training despite the hurdles. We touched base with Jen Annett up in Penticton, British Columbia (home of Ironman Canada once more in, well, 2021 now) and learned how she adjusted her strength training routine for home life. Annett is one of the strongest cyclists in the women's field, and if this program worked for her, it should work for you!

Heather Jackson's Coach Ryan Bolton on Periodization

Earlier this year, we sat down with Heather Jackson's new coach, Ryan Bolton, to ask him, well, tons of questions that he was gracious enough to answer. We chatted about the specific energy demands of triathlon, how to meet those demands, how to focus on races of differing priorities throughout a season, and how to assess a triathlete's strengths and weaknesses.

How Cody Beals Trains and Races Indoors

As North America heads back into the winter months, many of you are already riding indoors for a majority of your sessions. Look to Cody Beals, recently 21st at Challenge Daytona's Professional Triathletes' Organization Championships, for inspiration for your winter of cycling discontent.