The Habits and Patterns of Our Most Successful Athletes: Up Your Game Off-Course 

Andy Potts Vs. Father Time

They say Father Time is undefeated, but every now and then we get evidence of the contrary. In sport, there’s no better example than Tom Brady, who is vying for his record sixth Super Bowl title at the ripe old age of 40. Triathlon has it’s own version of Tom Brady—sort of—in 41-year-old Andy Potts, who just so happens to have lived two floors above Brady in the dorms at the University of Michigan. Clearly there was something in the water.


QT2's Ten Point Plan to Improve your Nutrition

Triathlon nutrition for elite athletes and beginners can be a difficult obstacle in their path to fitness and body composition goals. For over 15 years, I’ve been working with athletes of all types (from world class UFC fighters to Ironman champions) and I can tell you, it really doesn’t need to be that complicated! Over the years I developed the Core Diet, specifically to help athletes conquer their nutrition. Below I’ve outlined a very simple, 10-point plan, based on the Core Diet to improve your performance, body composition, and overall health.


Matt Dixon: How to Build Recovery into Your Training Plan

I have been labeled the recovery coach, a label that has not always been applied in the most complimentary way, but one that I wear with honor. My focus on recovery began fifteen years ago sitting in a one-bedroom studio apartment with the relics of a poorly executed professional triathlon career in my rearview mirror. I sat there, loaded with chronic fatigue induced by my poor approach to training and supporting habits, and reflected on the consistent symptoms of under performance that I saw at the time across all levels in the sport. Everyone seemed to be singularly focused on the accumulation of training, while critical supplemental topics such as recovery, nutrition, and strength were ignored or given simple lip service. In fact, the mention of recovery was viewed as a weakness in this tough sport and led many to chase more hours as their barometer of success, ignoring early signs of deep fatigue accumulation.